PS5 DualSense Wireless controller

PS5 DualSense Wireless controller


Sony took the gaming world by storm back in September by finally announcing the official release date and price of the next-gen PlayStation 5 console. The console has been available to buy in the UK since then, but it’s proved to be incredibly difficult to get your hands on.

The console itself is a truly next-gen gaming machine packed full of fantastic launch titles, whether you’re into swinging around New York City as Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, or you want to battle terrifying demon monsters in Demon’s Souls.

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We’ve played through the entirety of Miles Morales and instantly fell in love with the new sequel. It’s everything you enjoyed from the first game, but with new villains, a new hero, and some fun new powers to play with, all in 4K 6-FPS glory.

Sony has built an incredible console full of great features to improve your experience, and you can pick one for yourself right now – should you be able to find one online.

It’s proving increasingly difficult to nail one down for order in the UK, with most retailers running out of stock within an hour or so of their links going live. We’ve told you how you can still get one, but you’ll need a good deal of luck to get it secured.

Rumours have it that more stock is available across various retailers this week, but you’ll have to be lightning fast to get your hands on one, as they are flying out of stock incredibly quickly.

If you have yours secured, or you just want to get prepared for your eventual delivery, you’ll also want to pick up some accessories for your PS5 to enhance your gaming even further.

Whether it’s the new PS5 DualSense controller with haptic feedback, the official Sony headset with improved audio, or the PS5 HD camera, there are plenty of new gadgets to add to your PlayStation 5 right now.

playstation 5 dualshock controller

We’ve pulled out our favourite deals and products below, but stock is tricky to manage, so keep this page bookmarked to find out when the console and all the accessories are back online and available to buy.

PS5 DualSense Wireless controller

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  • Discover a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience with the innovative new PS5 controller, featuring haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects
  • The DualSense wireless controller also includes a built-in microphone and create button, all integrated into an iconic, comfortable design