Control 4 – Wireless Switch

Control4® Wireless Switch, 120V/277V—C4-SW120277

Get on/off control for virtually every type of load, including LED lights, incandescents, halogens, electronic low voltage (solid state) transformers, magnetic (iron core) low voltage transformers, fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and motors, including ceiling fans and bathroom ventilation fans.



The Control4® Wireless Switch provides on/off control for a variety of load types. With its robust relay and high amperage rating, the Switch can handle even high in-rush loads such as fountain pumps or large banks of fluorescent lights. It can even be used to switch wall outlets.

• Compatible with a variety of load types including Incandescent, Halogen, Electronic Low Voltage (solid state) Transformers, Magnetic (iron core) Low Voltage Transformers, Fluorescents, Compact Fluorescents, LEDs and Motors

• Continuously measures energy being used by the attached load

• Elegant, sophisticated design makes a beautiful addition to any home or business

• Custom engraving available to clearly identify which light each switch controls

• Backlit button engraving with programmable color control for easy readability regardless of time of day or light level

• Programmable RGB LEDs provide status feedback for lighting and other devices in the system

• Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness depending on the light level in the room

• Available in a wide array of gloss and satin colors (See Available Colors)

• Control4® screw-less faceplates, sold separately, provide a sleek profile (See Available Accessories)

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